Getting a Second Chance

Before every trip, I often find myself daydreaming about how it's going to pan out. The trips of my imagination are filled with laughter, crystal clear photography, and memories my boyfriend and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. This time, though, we began our journey and things started taking a turn for… Continue reading Getting a Second Chance

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How to Save Enough Money to Travel Around the World

Every time I tell a friend or coworker I’m going off on another adventure, I get the same reaction: “Where do you get all this money from?!” Let me assure you, my family is not rich, nor am I. My parents do not pay for my trips. I don’t have a side hustle that earns… Continue reading How to Save Enough Money to Travel Around the World

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Knowing When To Buy Travel Insurance

While booking an almost two-week vacation to the United Kingdom for Christmas and New Year, I was asked if I wanted to spend almost $100 on travel insurance. They sure know how to make you feel like crap for not choosing it, too. No, I do not want to purchase insurance to cover my $1300… Continue reading Knowing When To Buy Travel Insurance