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Overcoming Your Biggest Travel Obstacles

There are several factors that may keep you from traveling despite that nagging feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. Life happens, responsibilities get in the way, and our bodies don’t always agree with us. Sometimes there’s just nothing we can do to avoid a halt in our dreams and plans. Some may say that… Continue reading Overcoming Your Biggest Travel Obstacles


Why I Don’t Want a Vacation From Life

and you shouldn't either.


My Norwegian Cruise Line Experience

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I left for Venice, Italy to embark on a week-long cruise with my family. I've gone on two cruises before: once when I was about 5 years old and once when I was halfway through college. It's safe to say I don't have a wide range of knowledge when… Continue reading My Norwegian Cruise Line Experience

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3 Life Lessons from a Weekend in Toronto

Even if no one’s coming, do not cross the street on a red light.  When you’re finished eating dinner at a restaurant, feel free to sit and chat as long as you’d like. Walk slowly through the streets and take in the sights. These are just a few of the things that I learned from… Continue reading 3 Life Lessons from a Weekend in Toronto

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Should You Visit A Place More Than Once?

I leave for a trip to a place I've never been, explore sights I've never seen, and meet people much different than I. I return home with fond memories of my experience, souvenirs with the location's name displayed in all its glory, and stories I will remember until my time on this earth runs out.… Continue reading Should You Visit A Place More Than Once?