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Traveling with Chronic Migraine

Traveling can be a headache, especially when you travel with one.

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Overcoming Your Biggest Travel Obstacles

There are several factors that may keep you from traveling despite that nagging feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. Life happens, responsibilities get in the way, and our bodies don’t always agree with us. Sometimes there’s just nothing we can do to avoid a halt in our dreams and plans. Some may say that… Continue reading Overcoming Your Biggest Travel Obstacles

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Connect With Me!

Reading my blog is super cool, and I love every one of you for it, but you should check me out on Instagram and Facebook, too! I'm always posting photos and videos from various trips I've been on, as well as sharing links to other articles to provide tips, ideas, and more. You can find… Continue reading Connect With Me!

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Vegas With Family vs Vegas With Friends

When I hear “Las Vegas,” my first thought is not “family vacation.” I’m sure most people’s first thought is not “family vacation.” Or their second. Or third. Or fourth. Or, honestly, on the list of thoughts at all. Vegas is an interesting place. It’s a city that is stuck in some sort of time warp.… Continue reading Vegas With Family vs Vegas With Friends