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One Degree, No Common Sense: Comfort Over Style

If there's one thing I learned from traveling, it's that my common sense is sometimes lacking. I've decided to start up a little segment so other people can learn from my mistakes. The first installment: comfort over style. I consider myself a very smart individual. I'm not a genius, but I certainly believe I'm above… Continue reading One Degree, No Common Sense: Comfort Over Style

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Connect With Me!

Reading my blog is super cool, and I love every one of you for it, but you should check me out on Instagram and Facebook, too! I'm always posting photos and videos from various trips I've been on, as well as sharing links to other articles to provide tips, ideas, and more. You can find… Continue reading Connect With Me!

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Why Summer Isn’t The Best Time To Go On Vacation

As the first day of summer quickly approaches, many are gearing up to head out of town. I am no different. I have plans to hit Key West in two weeks along with a vacation abroad in August. I love getting out of the office when the weather is nice. I don't want to be… Continue reading Why Summer Isn’t The Best Time To Go On Vacation

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Krazy Key West

Ah, the islands. A relaxing yet eclectic vibe drowns tourists on almost every paradise island. The people are friendly, seemingly stress-free and gorgeously tanned. Any island I’ve been to has offered similar excursions and comparable beaches. While they're beautiful, they can often feel too familiar. Not Key West. I went to Key West over Memorial… Continue reading Krazy Key West