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Fall Bucket List For Someone Staying Local This Season

Summer has officially gone, and autumn is upon us. No matter where you live, summer always proves to be special. In school or not, we all get that “school’s out” feeling. Once the fall hits, we seem to start scrambling for outdoor activities before it gets too cold.

If you’re no longer in school and don’t have kids of school age, now’s your time to get out of town! You can catch some pretty sweet, last-minute deals for a weekend or longer. Most people aren’t traveling right now because it’s still too early in the school year to take off. Take advantage of this time while you can. Before you know it, kids will be tying you down and draining your wallet.

So, what happens if you are in school or can’t take time off? Explore locally. There’s plenty to do in your area if you take a look around. Festivals and fairs can be some of the most exciting times in your area, so make sure to check when events are happening near you (Hint, hint, New York City’s Taco Festival).

Cool or warm weather, these are just some things you don’t want to miss this fall:

Apple picking

Pumpkin picking

Visiting a haunted house

Hiking a colorful trail

Getting lost in a corn maze

Sipping a glass at a local winery

Shopping a local street fair

Taste-testing local breweries’ seasonal brews

Baking (or just eating) fall specialties

Trick-or-treating (you’re never too old)

Tailgating at a football game

Visiting the state fair (if it’s in the fall, of course!)


and, my favorite way to travel, reading!

I truly believe traveling is a mindset. If you can relax and explore enough to feel as though you’re somewhere other than home, you’re traveling. You never have to look too far to find a new adventure, and autumn provides us enough opportunity to be tourists in our own backyards.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of how much it has to offer. There’s plenty to do for every type of traveler—the adventurer, the partier, and the homebody. Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll find it.



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