My First Milestone

We're off to our nextbig adventure!.png

I know to some, 1000 people may not seem like a big deal. To me, this is everything. I love to write and travel, but when I know people are reading the material I put out there, it gives me that extra push.

Blogging can be tough. You start out as a nobody with only family and friends reading your posts. It’s an uphill battle to get your name noticed when there are so many others buying followers on Instagram and using repurposed content to get ahead of the game.

I pride myself on my writing skills and wove that into one of my favorite hobbies: traveling. I couldn’t be happier to know that people in other countries and different parts of America are opening up my posts and reading my thoughts.

Thank you for following my social media pages and keeping up to date with my posts. Here’s to crossing more milestones!

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