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Why Summer Isn’t The Best Time To Go On Vacation

As the first day of summer quickly approaches, many are gearing up to head out of town. I am no different. I have plans to hit Key West in two weeks along with a vacation abroad in August.

I love getting out of the office when the weather is nice. I don’t want to be held back by those walls! I want to enjoy the time outdoors.

I’m sure many can agree that they get that “school’s out feeling” despite not being a student anymore. However, I stand by my notion that summer is not the best time get away.`

Other seasons will offer more travel deals.

First and foremost, summer months are some of the most expensive times to fly. Airlines are expecting people to be traveling more in the summer than any other season. They’ll jack the prices up, because they know people will pay it.

Same with hotels. They know kids are out of school, so families will be looking to go on trips. Travelers without kids are looking for nice weather.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, chances are pretty good you can find the same place for a cheaper price during the off-season.

For the action-packed types, summer can be too hot to adventure properly.

If presented the option between a relaxing or an active vacation, I’d choose the latter.

I want to explore and see as many sights as possible. I get bored easily. I need to be stimulated almost the entire time I’m away. Sure, I have my moments when I want to lounge by the pool or tan on the beach, but I’d like most time to be spent exploring.

In the summer, it can be brutally hot–too hot to enjoy sight-seeing. Going away in the fall, spring, or even winter can offer up amazing opportunities to comfortably see unforgettable places.

Places are crowded in the summer.

Can you honestly say you get a relaxing experience when the beach or pool is packed full? If you can, please give me your secret.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t clear your head. You’re listening in on other people’s conversations, you’re kept awake by the loud noises, and you’re too busy looking out for the seagulls going after everyone’s food. Bottom line: it’s not as relaxing as you anticipated.

If you go on vacation in, say…September, you get the benefit of summer weather, plus lesser crowds. Kids just started up school again, so parents aren’t pulling them out to go on vacation already.

Hotels, pools, beaches, excursions, restaurants, and every other attraction fill up quick during the summer time. Take advantage!

The combination of crowds and heat can only mean one thing: grumps.

It’s undeniable, people get grumpy when they’re hot and too close to other people, never mind strangers. Can you blame us? I’m already overheating, and I have someone else’s body heat warming me up even more. No, thanks.

In addition to the close proximity, people don’t always follow the rules of hydration and deodorant. The less hydrated people are, the more cranky they’ll feel.

And do I even have to explain the deodorant?

Between the cranky people and the smelly people, I have reason enough to stay away from crowds during the summer.

Traveling in May, June, July, and August is great. It’s relaxing, weather is beautiful, and everyone feels energized by the summer vibe.

Adults take advantage of getting out of the office when the weather is nice, and kids create memories they can take back to school with them.

It’s undeniable that summertime is an amazing time to travel.

Don’t be fooled, though, because it’s certainly not the best time.


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