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4 Reasons to Date Someone Just As Adventurous As You

For as long as I could remember, I dreamt of taking last-minute, spontaneous trips. The idea of picking somewhere on the map and disappearing for a bit was beyond appealing.

The issue? I had no one to do that with.

Sure, my friends can be pretty adventurous. They enjoy going on vacations and trips as much as the next person, but they don’t always have a hunger to see the places in our immediate area.

Can anyone blame them?

If given the choice between a trip to an island and a day trip to Middle-of-Nowhere, Vermont, I’m picking the island.

This past weekend, though, my boyfriend planned a day and night in Greenwich, Connecticut. He picked me up at 7 a.m. and we took off to an undisclosed location.

As we drove from one location to the next and explored each area, the feeling could only be described as euphoric. I was taken around an area I knew nothing about by the man I love. Can life really get any better than that?

The reasons to date someone who suffers from wanderlust just as badly as you do are simple.

1. You have a permanent travel buddy.

Whether your gut is telling you to travel 31 hours to Australia or take a 30-minute car ride to a local tourist attraction, you’ll always have someone to accompany you.

While traveling solo could be pretty cool, it may get lonely after a while. Similarly, traveling with friends is a blast, but may not always be as fulfilling.

2. You’ll create phenomenal memories. 

This isn’t to say a couple who would rather stay local won’t have great memories, but traveling will provide stories like no other. You may want to tell everyone about it, or you may prefer to keep your memories between the two of you. Either way, you’ll add an extra layer to your relationship that others may not have.

3. You’ll find out quickly if you’re meant to be together.

If you’ve ever traveled with a significant other, you know it can be hard. Your patience is tested more than when you’re home and, for some couples, it could be the most amount of time you’ve spent together.

Everyone has their way of planning, packing, getting around, etc. Some traveling styles mix well while others don’t. Some couples can spend all that time together and have a pleasant time while others are at each other’s throats by the end of the trip.

I believe if a couple can get through at least a week-long trip, they’ll get pretty far together.

4. You’ll see places you never thought you’d want to visit.

Truthfully, I want to go everywhere. I want to see as many places as possible before I take my last breath. However, there are plenty of places I don’t necessarily think of that my boyfriend has done research on and vice versa.

Thanks to him, I saw the beauty of Greenwich, Connecticut—a place I never thought I’d see. It’s only an hour from my house, but I completely overlooked it.

With an adventurous partner, you’ll conquer more than you ever could on your own. Weekend trips will become more prominent, and you’ll cover far more ground that way.

Everyday, or what feels like everyday, he and I think of new trips we want to go on. We’re constantly researching and mapping out the possibilities.

The dreaming never stops between the two of us, and together, we literally make our dreams come true.

Okay, even I think that was too corny to end on. I’m sorry. So, here’s an awkward ending instead.


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