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How to Last-Minute Pack

As I sit in bed a mere 16 hours before I leave for Portland, ME, I occasionally glance over at my unpacked bag.

My boyfriend and I booked this trip about a month and a half ago, then planned what we would do about a week after that.

It got to the point where I forgot I was even going on a trip at all. I woke up this morning with the thought that I would run a couple errands, go home, and pack before dinner. I laugh at myself because I should have known that plan would never work.

I knew, for me, packing is a long, grueling process. I love to plan a trip, but I hate planning what to bring. Weird, I know. I don’t want to coordinate every outfit I’ll be wearing while I’m away, whether it’s for 2 nights or 12.

However, I’ve gotten the whole “last-minute packing” thing down to a science. Some may say it wastes more time than if I’d just packed earlier, but I beg to differ.

If you need to know my last-minute packing secrets, look no further!

Follow my simple rules, and I’ll have you last-minute packing like a pro in no time.

  1. Lay down — It’s crucial to rest your muscles and your mind before packing your belongings.
  2. Complain about packing — The process is not complete unless you complain about it.
  3. Get out your suitcase, duffle bag, etc. — It’s time to pretend you’re going to start.
  4. Put on music — You will undoubtedly get lost in the process of picking a playlist. It has to be the right one!
  5. Get distracted with social media — Can anyone really do anything these days without getting distracted by the Internet?
  6. Check the weather for your destination — You should suddenly realize what you have to do, so I recommend you look into the forecast. How can you properly pack without knowing the most recent, up-to-date weather report?
  7. Sit in bed and think about what you’ll bring — Don’t bother getting up. Just imagine what you would wear in order to avoid exhausting yourself (see step 1).
  8. Get lost in social media again — This time it wasn’t deliberate. You actually just got distracted.
  9. Get yourself a drink or snack — My choice tonight was a chocolate milk with Reese’s. You need brain food.
  10. Gather the clothes you imagined from step 7 — You’re almost done!
  11. Stare at what you gathered — You think you have everything, but you don’t. You won’t realize that yet, though, so keep going!
  12. Shove it into your suitcase, duffle bag, etc. — In your mind, you’ve thought of everything. Time to put it all together!
  13. Sit back in bed — Put on some Netflix, scroll through Instagram, read a book. Do whatever your heart desires.
  14. Fall asleep — You’ve now exhausted yourself, congratulations.
  15. WAKE YOURSELF UP THINKING OF SOMETHING YOU FORGOT TO PUT IN YOUR BAG — Don’t actually put it in your bag, because you’re too tired to get up. You’ll do it in the morning.
  16. Wake up in the morning — Yay! You lived another day! 🙂
  17. Do your daily morning routine — I could tell you to eat breakfast, brush your teeth, and get dressed, but who am I to judge if that’s not what you do?
  18. Give your bag one last look — You know you forgot something, but what was it?
  19. You’re fine, time to go — If you can’t remember what that thing is, it wasn’t important anyway.
  20. Remember that you forgot to pack underwear when it’s too late to go back to your house — You could have gotten out of bed last night, but you didn’t.
  21. Buy yourself underwear at the next available stop — A cute new pair of undies never hurt anyone, did it?
  22. Enjoy your trip — No explanation needed.

There you have it. The not-so-secret, last-minute packing formula.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on headphones in airports because of all this. I keep telling myself that one day I will learn not to pack at the last minute. One day I will pack in advance, with a checklist and all.

Today is not that day, folks.


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